Welcome to Money & Finance

Money & Finance is a start-up institute that seek to contribute to the public debates on Money & Finance regulation and policy by the development of a multidisciplinary platform.

We strongly believe in the positive impact of Money and Finance discussions, as:

  • It contributes to improve Monetary and Financial institution’s impact and economical regulation.
  • It is a vector of economic development and stability.
  • It prevents crises to arise.

Nevertheless, as money and finance are two subjects fragmentary studied, current debates and present propositions fail to find answers that fully capture monetary and financial recent events.

We are confident that a new global, multidisciplinary approach need to be developed. To build modern paradigms, we lack a platform that regroup the efforts of academics and influencer in one interdisciplinary debate based on high quality research.

To fulfill this gap, we propose to maintain an internet platform where people like student, researcher, policy makers or curious individuals can come, discover and discuss the challenges of Money & Finance regulation. We aim to increase the understanding of the effect of Money & Finance’s action adopted or proposed by a government, party, business, or individual.

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